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Such as Russell VS, Chamberlain VS Byrd, the magician repeatedly realignment finals Couple was called the enemy of life. ret cheap jordans for sale mens reat and beg next, in the same league to maintain long-term competitiveness and repeatedly compete in the playoffs, also deserves the reputation of "the enemy of the life". For example, Kobe and Duncan - who made them in a total of nearly 40 years of career has never moved to the nest? although a is forward (occasionally guest Center), a is pure to the ultimate shooting guard, but different positions to split their fetters. If you are still not convinced they divide up since 1999 in the 17th NBA championship 10, to defeat opponents in the playoffs at least are rounded to the finals. they are 1996 13 show, a is champion show in 1997, 20 years later, to harden into after Jordan's scoring defender, a practice into a well deserved's first in the history of. Between them, their side of the story, beyond count. for the first time before the season, two people have been in the regular season and the playoffs with 79 games in the same field. These two sessions of rookie of the leader, neck and neck, battling for nearly 20 years, inadvertently teamed up against the common enemy is time. OK once war, Twin Towers City, diamond, diamond cuts diamond winner, kill a murky sky over a dark earth. Tim Duncan and Shaquille O'Neal of battle of the giants, Bryant tore the Spurs iron defense, sharp and after losing unwilling teenager tears, Fisher 0.4 seconds signs, Jackson and Gregg Popovich's psychic ghost seeking are the fans of both teams, unforgettable classic. now around their teammates to often: Kobe Bryant off single for many years, lineup frequent renewal; spurs 12 years after the reorganization of the twin towers, but Duncan from that year's successor become now heritage, playing once admiral role. The only constant, only untouchable GDP+ Popovich. 1997, the Lakers and Spurs show champion to supernova shoot the same advertising, this is the first time the intersection of two people. Several years later, Kobe smiled and said, "we are two."